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The beauty of Uncut Diamonds by Kalajee

Kalajee , A company committed to the cause of opulence and grandeur, has years old tradition of supplying the finest gold, diamond and jadau jewellery. Kalajee ’s  uncut diamond collection epitomizes the brand in an opulent fashion. Each piece is a unique expression, designed intricately and executed with human precision. The jewellery at Kalajee is made from the highest quality of gems, stones, diamonds, pearls and gold, and put together artistically to create a distinctive style.

Have a look at the mesmerizing range of uncut diamond Jewellery beautifully presented by Kalajee …

Winning Design

Karwa Chauth Jewellery Kalajee Jewellery at IIJW Kalajee Jewellery at IIJW

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How to buy an Engagement Ring

As a soon-to-be groom, you have probably envisioned the engagement ring you imagine your fiancé wearing – and you have probably come up with something relatively simple. Most people who have never actually purchased such a ring simply imagine a regular band supporting a beautiful diamond. However, particularly these days, there are actually a lot more details that can go into engagement rings. Lately, it is not unusual to pick a more unique style, like a twisted band or a halo setting for your diamond – so, while it is ultimately up to you and your preferred style to select a ring, keep in mind that there may be more options than you imagine….

Juhi Chawla

Find out the dazzling and stunning options in engagement ring for your bride to be at Kalajee Jewellery Store, where we design jewellery keeping your feelings in mind!

Choose the perfect jewellery for your outfit. White Topaz Ring Engagement Ring Engagement Ring Engagement Ring Engagement Ring

Visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Know your Gemstone

What are gemstones? Gemstones are natural minerals that after being cut and polished are used as adornments in jewelry and other decorative pieces. Gemstones have a long history, being used for not only ornamental purposes but also in rites that are spiritual in nature. Several gemstones have also been heralded, thanks to their healing and therapeutic powers. The meaning of gemstones, that is the symbology they represent and the powers they supposedly possess, is of fascination to people all over the world.

So, whether you want your own personal pair of ruby shoes like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz or just a ring embedded with your birthstone that will help enhance certain qualities and fight negativity, knowing the gemstone meaning can help you make the perfect selection.


Knowing the meaning of different gemstones can be beneficial, especially if you are a believer in the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of wearing gemstones.

Alexandrite Luck, good fortune, stimulates pleasure
Amber Known as the soul of the tiger, courage, temperament becomes sunny and carefree, healing joint problems
Aquamarine Courage, serenity, meditation stone, protects mariners, helps calming of nerves
Coral Symbol of life and blood force, protects from misfortune, heals illnesses, meditation stone
Diamond Symbol of innocence and stability, promotes the energy of other gemstones
Emerald Symbol of hope, meditation stone, has healing powers, has fighting powers against evil, stone of prophecy
Garnet Symbol of love and compassion, increases success in business, aids in dispelling nightmares, improves self-esteem, increases sex drive
Hematite Improves relationships, increases intuition powers, stimulates blood flow
Jade Symbol of love, increases fortune, strengthens brain power and reasoning abilities, provides protection against accidents and misfortunes
Moon Stone Symbol of love, improves fortune, increases intuitiveness, increases love between partners
Opal Stone of cupid, improves communication, helps in becoming truthful and honest
Pearl Calms temper, increases chances of success, increases wisdom and helps in focusing
Peridot Known as the gift from the Sun, frees one of negative thoughts and fights feelings of jealousy, should be worn by people who are spiritual
Quartz Healing stone, helps in concentrating while meditation, calms the mind, increases hope, dispels fear
Ruby Symbol of friendship and love, improves concentration, increases feeling of contentment, increases passion and vitality, aids circulation
Sapphire Known as stone of destiny, symbol of heaven and devotion to spiritual Gods
Sodalite Stone of athletics, increase endurance and stamina, brings inner peace, increases feeling of harmony
Topaz Brings emotional stability, encourages self-confidence, dispels nightmares, improves ability to love, protection against evil eye
Tourmaline Balances emotions, brings success in business, increases ability to love, gives protection, brings happiness to relationships
Turquoise Stone of friendship, symbol of wealth, improves balance with spirituality
Zircon Helps improve communication, improves ability to understand images, protection while traveling

Visit Kalajee Jewellery Store Please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:  for pure and real gemstone that goes well with your personality!!

Designer Director at Kalajee Jewellery

Winning Design

Experience in the region and an inherent market knowledge paralleled by a unique corporate culture that harbors values of trust and respect, has led Kalajee Jewellery to become an incontestable reference for the promotion of real Jewellery along with luxury in India and abroad.

Our jewellery designer par excellence, Aastha Kala is the name to reckon within the industry. Having done numerous courses in jewellery designing from around the globe, her award winning designs have proved that she is a sparkling gem in our crown. After completing a professional degree in jewellery designing from Studio Art Fuji, Italy, Aastha took up courses in other prestigious institutes like Metallo Nobile and Alchimia in Italy.

Mapping newer horizons, Aastha works with a team of dedicated designers, who share her passion for the novel and the interesting.

Aastha kala

Her creativity know no bounds…  Her innovations find no match….