Sealed with a ring- a universal celebration of love!

Ever since the beginning of contemporary humans’ existence, people have used different symbols to express their love toward the ones close to them. And the ring is the most widely used and recognized symbol of love and serious intentions. The ring symbolizes eternity and immortality and conceals in itself a magical power.

Wedding rings are among the most ancient symbols connecting two lovers in one whole.

Do you know- this tradition of exchanging rings was begun by ancient Egyptians almost 5,000 years ago. The first wedding bands were made out of plants; they were given to the admired woman. Every woman witha reed band on her finger was known to be taken and unavailable to other admirers. Interesting 🙂

Regardless of all the cultural, ethnic and contemporary whims of the times, regardless of lifestyle or religion, the tradition of giving and wearing engagement rings is still alive today.

In the middle Ages it was preferred that the engagement ring is set with a ruby, which was classified by its red color as a symbol for passionate affection. Sapphires were almost as equally popular, because they are blue as the sky – the beginning of all beginnings and the birthplace of love. In some cultures, especially in the area of Britain’s islands, the engagement ring was forged only from metal but its design spoke of faith and trust. Two entwined hands with a crowned heart above them symbolized understanding, love and friendship between a man and a woman, as well as loyalty and faithfulness.

Today engagement rings with diamonds are still preferred, because of the beauty of this unusual stone, which is a symbol of strength and eternity, firmness, attachment and love. This is why we say that diamonds are forever, just like the engagement of two lovers and the affection that the ring symbolizes.

Are you ready to let her know just how much you love her? Then the perfect symbol of your feelings, an engagement ring, is an important choice. The engagement ring represents a promise that will last a lifetime; so it’s definitely a purchase that requires some research and thought. It is the symbol that will represent your love for many years to come.

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