Ruby: The Stunner…

Few things catch the eye like ruby. This terrific gemstone has a color which can be described as a deep, pure, vivid red. Ruby, a variety of the mineral corundum (which also includes sapphires), is as historically captivating as it is beautiful. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj or “king of precious stones” for its rarity, hardness (second only to diamond), beauty, and for its seemingly mystical powers. This gem was worn by men and women of past centuries who hoped to bring themselves success in life, love, wealth, health, and war.  Rubies were believed to predict misfortune or danger.


So, is Mom’s birthday coming? Maybe your girlfriend’s ring finger is looking lonely? Or is it high time you bought yourself a decadent present? Rubies are the answer. Beautiful in earrings, sparkling in rings, and especially striking in pendants, rubies ornament all types of jewelry.

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For the highest quality ruby, be sure to look for these qualities:


  • Shape:  mixed-cut ovals and cushions are common cuts and there’s a reason for it – these multifaceted cuts will bring out the vibrancy of your ruby’s red.
  • Color: Speaking of red, the rarest rubies boast a pure, vivid red hue, although some rubies contain a dash of pink, orange, or purple.
  • Gemstone Variety:  This may seem like an obvious attribute to pay attention to, but making sure you are looking at a ruby as opposed to a pink sapphire is very important. Stones a little pinkish, purplish or orangy red are also considered rubies, but many gem and jewelry professionals make careful distinctions between a ruby and a pink, purple or orange sapphire.
  • Treatments: The majority of all rubies are heated at the mine. They may also be treated with a lead glass-like filling. All treatments should be disclosed. If buying a ruby you might consider purchasing a ruby with a GIA Ruby Report, which will confirm that your stone is, in fact, a ruby, identify any known treatments, and even indicate its geographic origin.

The summer months are upon us, and the rubies are waiting for their time to shine…..

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