The rise colored Diamonds


With the press that natural fancy coloured diamonds have been receiving over the last few years, it is difficult to comprehend that there are many people who still do not know that such a thing exists. Having been brought to prominence by such mega stars as J Lo, Beyonce, and Kate Hudson, you would have thought that they would be on the top of everyone’s shopping list but although they are receiving more exposure and publicity, they are still flying under the radar.

Fancy colour diamonds are not a recent phenomenon; you only need to refer to legends such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe for proof of that. However, just as movie stars are a rare commodity, so too are colour diamonds, as there is one carat of colour diamonds for every 10,000 carats of colourless diamonds.

All fancy colour diamonds are wonders of nature but some colours are rarer than others. Take fancy Red diamonds, there are jewellers who have been dealing with diamonds for decades who have never set their eyes on loose Red diamonds, such is their rarity. This may also be the case for Violet and Purple diamonds which are also extremely rare and priced accordingly.

Green and Blue diamonds are also rare as are larger examples of Chameleon diamonds. A Chameleon diamond, as its name implies changes colour when exposed to heat or light. This effect has, at this time, no scientific explanation. Other colours include Champagne or Cognac, White, Orange, Grey, Black and White.Without a doubt though, the two most popular colours of diamonds are Yellow (also known as Canaries)

suiteDo not be dissuaded though from some stratospheric prices at the auctions and the star cache of fancy color diamonds as just as there is a colour of diamond suitable for everyone, there is also a colour diamond at a price point appropriate for every buyer.

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