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Why do women love Diamonds

Some men, regardless of whether they are common person or chivalrous gentleman in bright armor can sometimes sweep a woman off her feet. But diamonds – they take a woman’s breath away, not sometimes, but always.


Diamonds are so beautiful and fascinating. Women are fascinated and this fascination could never fade away. This is particularly one strong reason why every woman, it doesn’t matter what economic class she comes from, must at least have one in her possession. Even the women from non-western cultures swoon over them. We could even bet that in societies where flaunting the material wealth is discouraged, a woman would not be able to resist glancing or touching a diamond in anticipation of getting it. Those who don’t have a diamond daydream about owning one someday, while those who already possess a few stones won’t hesitate to express a good greed for even a modest collection.

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So all you men reading this piece of information make sure to get a Diamond for the lady love of your life. Make her feel loved and special with this rare, beautiful and enduring gift of Diamond jewellery by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur.

Diamond Jewellery

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Citrine: the shimmering color gemstone

Did you know that there is more than one gemstone suitable for the month of November? These two gemstones are Topaz and Citrine. Since we’ve already talked about Topaz, let us introduce to you this shimmering gemstone of November.


Citrine, another November birthstone is known as the “healing quartz”. This gemstone in golden shade is believed to support vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy and warmth within its wearer. Citrine is obtained from nature in a variety of shades ranging from pastel yellow to dark brownish orange. It is one of the most affordable gemstones among others and plentiful in nature. Citrine is most frequently mined in Brazil, Bolivia, and Spain.

Citrine jewellery

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November Birthstone Topaz


November’s birthstone, the topaz, was thought to have the power to cool boiling water, as well as excessive anger.

Topaz is a gemstone that comes in rich rainbow of colors. Treasured since thousands of years in antiquity, almost all the gems in yellow appearance were called topaz. Often confused with citrine quartz (yellow) and smoky quartz (brown), quartz and topaz are separate and unrelated mineral species. The most prized color of topaz is called Imperial topaz after the Russian Czars of the 1800s and features a magnificent orange body color with pinkish undertones. Topaz gemstone is also found in different shades of yellow, pink, purple, orange, and various blue tones.

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Wedding Season’s special: Diamond Earrings

The season of shopping, parties and social gatherings is here! The season of Weddings is here!

That season of the year when shopping of clothes and jewellery is at its peak.  Every woman wants to look her best, now whether it is her own wedding or her relative’s. She doesn’t even mind on splurging some extra bucks on buying something she likes, during this season.

For the women with the search for something extra special to adorn herself, to bring that special charm to her attire, Kalajee jewellery jaipur has designed an exquisite pair of dangler earrings. With a beautiful blend of pearls and uncut diamonds these earrings are royal, glamorous, scintillating and sure to embellish any ensemble .

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Elegant and enigmatic! This fascinating pair of dangling earrings by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur is just perfect to steal all the attention in coming wedding season!

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