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Get gorgeous with Pearls by Kalajee!

Kalajee jewellery Jaipur is happy and excited to offer to its customers a stunning and stylish pearl necklace set with the combination of diamonds. Adding to our currently popular line of Uncut diamond Jewellery, we’ve re launched this glamorous and stylish set to give air to your love for pearls. Since the month of June has started and pearl is a perfect gem for those born in June, here’s a dazzling and shimmering necklace set from Kalajee!!

Pearl Necklace  Set by Kalajee

Nestled deep within the balmy turquoise lagoons of sea waters grows the lustrous pearl in its natural setting. This precious marine jewel has come to symbolize the purity of its origin and captivates with each unique shade and form.

Each carefully selected pearl is given a master’s touch by the skillful artists at Kalajee. Cast your gaze upon this marvelous necklace with matching earrings. These exotic earrings of floral proportion blended fabulously with sparkling diamonds lend their character to each falling pearl, rendering the stunning set even more distinctive.

Pearl Jewellery

This treasured pearl and diamond necklace set is as unique as the wearer — you are absolutely the right owner of these shimmering pearls.

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Glamorous Pearl Set for the perfect evening

Long known as the ‘Queen of Gems’, pearls possess a history and allure as overwhelming as the natural miracle of pearl formation.

Today’s contemporary woman only looks more elegant and impressive with pearl jewellery byKalajee Jewellery, Jaipur, like a string of pearls and ear-tops. And of course, exotic evening gowns only serve to appear more stunning when complemented with pearls.

The best part is that the Kalajee’s pearls do wonders for a woman’s self-confidence and personality. In addition to the elan and chic sophistication they project, they make the wearer feel radiant, admired and different.

This beautiful necklace set by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur is part of our classic range. Falling drops and adorned with diamonds in between, this is a classic piece. The cream pearls are soothing and the style is evergreen. Adorn yourself with a timeless masterpiece. Compliment the matching earrings with this beautiful necklace to complete your look….

Know your Gemstone

What are gemstones? Gemstones are natural minerals that after being cut and polished are used as adornments in jewelry and other decorative pieces. Gemstones have a long history, being used for not only ornamental purposes but also in rites that are spiritual in nature. Several gemstones have also been heralded, thanks to their healing and therapeutic powers. The meaning of gemstones, that is the symbology they represent and the powers they supposedly possess, is of fascination to people all over the world.

So, whether you want your own personal pair of ruby shoes like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz or just a ring embedded with your birthstone that will help enhance certain qualities and fight negativity, knowing the gemstone meaning can help you make the perfect selection.


Knowing the meaning of different gemstones can be beneficial, especially if you are a believer in the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of wearing gemstones.

Alexandrite Luck, good fortune, stimulates pleasure
Amber Known as the soul of the tiger, courage, temperament becomes sunny and carefree, healing joint problems
Aquamarine Courage, serenity, meditation stone, protects mariners, helps calming of nerves
Coral Symbol of life and blood force, protects from misfortune, heals illnesses, meditation stone
Diamond Symbol of innocence and stability, promotes the energy of other gemstones
Emerald Symbol of hope, meditation stone, has healing powers, has fighting powers against evil, stone of prophecy
Garnet Symbol of love and compassion, increases success in business, aids in dispelling nightmares, improves self-esteem, increases sex drive
Hematite Improves relationships, increases intuition powers, stimulates blood flow
Jade Symbol of love, increases fortune, strengthens brain power and reasoning abilities, provides protection against accidents and misfortunes
Moon Stone Symbol of love, improves fortune, increases intuitiveness, increases love between partners
Opal Stone of cupid, improves communication, helps in becoming truthful and honest
Pearl Calms temper, increases chances of success, increases wisdom and helps in focusing
Peridot Known as the gift from the Sun, frees one of negative thoughts and fights feelings of jealousy, should be worn by people who are spiritual
Quartz Healing stone, helps in concentrating while meditation, calms the mind, increases hope, dispels fear
Ruby Symbol of friendship and love, improves concentration, increases feeling of contentment, increases passion and vitality, aids circulation
Sapphire Known as stone of destiny, symbol of heaven and devotion to spiritual Gods
Sodalite Stone of athletics, increase endurance and stamina, brings inner peace, increases feeling of harmony
Topaz Brings emotional stability, encourages self-confidence, dispels nightmares, improves ability to love, protection against evil eye
Tourmaline Balances emotions, brings success in business, increases ability to love, gives protection, brings happiness to relationships
Turquoise Stone of friendship, symbol of wealth, improves balance with spirituality
Zircon Helps improve communication, improves ability to understand images, protection while traveling

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Pearls: The beauty and elegance personified …

Pearls have always been a favorite with the royal families and celebrities. Pearls are considered as a symbol of beauty and elegance. Pearl, also referred to as the Queen of Gems or Tears of the Sea, is an emblem of beauty, purity and innocence. It is said that no two pearls are alike. This uniqueness and beauty of Pearls has made it a prized possession for ages. Pearls are obtained from the Sea. Basically, there are two types of Pearls, Sea Pearls and Fresh water Pearls. It is available in different shapes and colors which makes it ideal for making jewellery. It was a common belief that a gift of white pearls ensured the happiness of married couples.




This Jewellery is also gifted to Bridesmaids as a token of appreciation and love. It is also given to females on the occasion of weddings, graduation, Valentines Day and birthdays as a gift.

Pearl Jewellery is never known to be out of fashion. It has become a style statement irrespective of the ages. It also goes well as a combination with other gemstones which of course is an added advantage. Pearl Jewellery, in any form, is loved by one and all. However, white is the most preferred color. It is popular as Bridal or Wedding Jewellery. It is also popular as a family heirloom which is passed from mother to daughter.

The Pearl Necklaces, Bangles, ear rings, bracelets and rings by Kalajee Jewellery are popular globally. The necklaces comes in various types and fancy names like pearl Collar, Pearl Rope,  Opera necklace,  Princess Necklace,  Pearl Choker etc.

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