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5 awesome Jewellery ideas for the Valentine’s Day Gift

valentines Day Jewellery

It’s the season of love and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner — in fact, it is actually visible at a distance if you squint a little hard. Yo have to finish your gift shopping within two days.

If you are planning to stray from the typical concept of gifting flowers and perfume for Valentine’s Day this time but have no idea where to start from, we’ve got you covered. #Wink #Wink

We asked few of our friends and colleagues what they are actually expecting for, from the genuine to the luxurious. Whether you’re giving her a treasured souvenir of love or planning to create some cherished memories, we’ve here rounded up some sparkling gifts your lady love will surely appreciate and love.

Polki Diamond Necklace

Diamond Polki Collection

Sometimes the simplest jewellery leaves the biggest impact. From ‘Gemstone Pendant’ to ‘Polki Choker’, a sleek necklace from kalajee will allow your sweetheart to proudly wear her possession.

Diamond Baguette Necklace set

final page 9

In the trending pattern of uncut diamond jewellery, this charming necklace set with taper baguette diamonds and rubies will be the perfect trick to win your lady love’s heart this Valentine’s Day!

Statement Diamond Bracelet

valentines Day Jewellery

Because you love to hold her beautiful hands into yours, we recommend that this glamorous and stunning diamond bracelet could be the right choice for you to compliment her beautiful hands. This bracelet is intricately crafted by Kalajee in contemporary designs embellished with sparkling diamonds.

Earrings inspired by Royal family

sita devi Replica

These diamond pearl earrings are crafted by taking inspiration from the legendary earrings of Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar from 1920s. If you think that your sweetie is no less than a queen then enthral her by presenting these earrings by Kalajee. They’ll sure exude finery that’ll make her feel no less than the queen of a royal era!

Glamorous Statement Ring

valentines Day Jewellery

Ring is a jewel that promises security and a strong bond of love. This spell-binding ring with artistic design and alluring setting of pear shape emerald gemstone cocooned in sparkling diamonds makes it a perfect trick to express your long term plans beyond the Valentine’s Day!

Kundan Meena Bangles


Stupendous is the word that beautifully describes this fabulous epitome of outstanding craftsmanship. Impress her with the traditional touch of expressing love. So what if you couldn’t get her your “Maa ke Kangan”, melt her heart with the dramatic emotions of love by giving her this pair of classic kundan meena Kangan.

Make the Valentine Day 2015 a special one with jewellery crafted with love by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur for the most wonderful lady in your life.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A perfect Valentines Day gift

Its Valentine and you are thinking about giving your lady love a gift that she’ll cherish for life. We might help you…

pearl jewellery

Diamonds are a perfect gift for all ages and styles. They are one of the most beautiful dreams of a woman irrespective of the price factor. For them they are the priceless ornaments for which they can give up everything in their lives and never regret it. Formed through millions of years and under the right conditions, diamonds preserve their beauty and luster till time eternal. A diamond is a symbol of social status, sophistication and class, allowing women to be envied by their peers.

This valentines day, cajole the woman you love with flattering diamond jewellery by Kalajee Jewellery where it takes an incredible amount of effort, care and dedication to plan and cut a diamond from the rough.  The result is this dazzling piece that endures eternally, representing the qualities needed for any lasting relationship.

‘Kalajee Jewellery’ stands for all that spells quality. A renowned jewellery brand which adorns and glorifies the person who wears it.

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A tender promise of love

February, the month of love, romance and togetherness begins from the day after tomorrow. The romantic wave of love, proposals, roses, hugs and gifts will fill the ambiances every where, why not you also express your love with a gift that she’ll cherish forever.

What better than a jewellery can win her heart and if it is jewellery by Kalajee, then nothing can stop her from loving you more.

Here’s a perfect gift of love for your beloved. This tender pair of cosmic loop style dangling earrings is a stylish and chic design with dramatically placed coloured diamonds and polkis in the shape of dancing peacock. The dainty and single diamond polki in the centre sparkles with elegance in these cosmic earrings, and beautifully reflects your promise of eternal togetherness.

Diamond earrings

We bet she couldn’t resist them in the jewellery box and wear them instantly to show off. Get them now from the kalajee Jewellery Jaipur and surprise your lady love with this beautiful pair of diamond polki earrings set in 18 karat gold.

Celebrate Love with Kalajee Jewellery


While it seems like the holidays and festivals just ended, we are only a month away from the next big celebration involving gifts – Valentine’s Day. Every year, on February 14, we celebrate our love for the special people in our lives. Unlike other occasions (except for personal anniversaries and birthdays) this occasion is the most common one for the giving of jewelry. One of the best types of jewelry for giving this season is “Saugat “ the 14K diamond jewelry featuring stunning designs by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur. Check out many different types of Light weight jewelry at Kalajee Jewellery Store and how it can help you show your love to that special someone in your life.

A Saugat for your sweetheart –

Whether you decide to buy a ring, a necklace, or another type of jewelry, you can easily find it featuring hearts and other beautiful designs in 14K. By giving your sweetheart a piece of jewelry from the Saugat range by Kalajee Jewellery, you will immediately show her how much you care for her, and you will be giving her a gift she will cherish for years to come…..


So wait no more and surprise your special someone with the beautiful Saugat of love and togetherness !!

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