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Jaipur Jewellery Show 2015

jjs14 6

One of the most exotic months of the year- December enjoys a favorite place in everyone’s heart and this exotic period brings to us the 12th edition of Jaipur Jewellery Show, endearingly called “The December Show”. A significant event in the gems and jewelery show calendar, the December Show is aptly christened for the dates from 20 to 23 December 2014 and will remain slotted in the same month year after year.nov 1 ad

Where jewellery buyers and sellers meet, new brides-to-be come to select the jewellery for their wedding ceremonies, where some parents choose gifts for their daughters and daughters-in law and many social butterflies come to check out the trending fashion and jewellery trends. This glamorous jewellery show in all matters cheers the jewellery lovers, visitors and buyers.

The Jaipur Jewellery Show is the India’s biggest jewelry show. Not that’s all; it is also fast emerging as one of the Asia’s largest jewelry trade shows. Visitors can get the entry on reservation counter at the venue only.


The 12th Jaipur Jewellery Show with “Ruby- Red, Rare, Royal” being this year’s theme gemstone, will take place at the JECC Exhibition Ground EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre, Jaipur from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm


Here is the time of the year once again when the fabulous metropolis of Jaipur will be immersed into the drizzle of glitz and glamour!! Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur is also going to spread its magic at Jaipur Jewellery Show- 2014!! Find us displaying a beautiful range of exquisite diamond jewellery from bangles, bracelets, earrings to tiara, necklaces and anklets etc.

Note: Note: A free shuttle service from the SMS Investment Ground to EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre is also being arranged for the visitors.

See you all there!!

Kalajee – A name you can trust for bridal jewellery

kundan Meena Necklace

Even a single Jewel piece witnesses cherished moments of joy, happiness and nostalgia. It is timeless and transcendental. A prominent part of the soul of any Big Fat Indian wedding lies in its share of bridal jewellery. The contemporary bridal jewellery pays tribute to new-age womanhood and seamlessly integrates traditional charm.


Kalajee Jewellery for that reason steps forth with a fascinating and spell binding collection of bridal and wedding jewellery in Jaipur. Let’s talk more about the authentic jewellery brand that portrays a beautiful and extraordinary picture of jewellery fashion in India and beyond…

Indian Brides

Widely renowned for its enchanting designs, immaculate finish and stylish sense of adventure; this jewellery house focuses on coloured gemstones and diamond-studded jewellery. They are also dedicated to redefine the trend of kundan-meena and beaded jewellery. Located in the grand K Towers, it upholds the combination of multistoried office, showroom, manufacturing unit and a museum that flaunts an impressive collection of rare and enthralling jewellery. On being asked about that very speciality of Jaipur jewellery that magnetise buyers from various regions; Mr. Naman Kala of Kalajee Empire politely replies, “Since Jaipur is the source of precious stones and craftsmanship, there are many players in this trade. The quest of jewellers urges to innovate and be cost-effective. That is the reason we always maintain global standards and quality — right from inventing designs to manufacturing and final processing.” Kalajee procures stones from some of the best mines in the world and ensures to attain optimum customer satisfaction.

Diamond Polki Collection

For more such designs, visit Kalajee Jewellery, K Tower 41, Mahaveer Marg, C-Schem, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 Ph: 0141 5102222 ext. 5113434, Facebook:  Twitter: Pinterest:

Fashion Show by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the JAS’14

Diamond Polki Collection

The 8th Jewellers Association Show 2014 was a dazzling four days’ business to business and business to customer exhibition cum show at the BM Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. Presenting the creations of hundreds prominent Jewellers of India, the show was a magnificent display of jewellery from across the various regions.

Among all the prominent jewellers, Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur showcased their designer uncut diamond jewellery collection at the fashion show on concluding day of Jewellers Association Show (JAS’14). Gems and precious metals gleamed under the arc lights as the models glided down wearing stunning diamond, polki and precious gemstone sets by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

At the show, we presented uncut diamond jewellery with colored gemstones; each piece was a work of creative craftsmanship and design.

When it came to diamonds, it was the multi prong set, the twinkling mesh with a strand of emerald for necklace, bracelet and the jhumkas & peacock inspired dangler earrings that made an impact on the audience.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

For the lovers of craft and design, the jewellery presented by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the Jewellers Association Show will surely be much sought after for all occasions and will surely turn into family heirlooms in the years to come.

For more beautiful Jewellery from Jaipur, please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Kalajee Jewellery Participates in JAS’14

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If glitz and glamour of any kind of jewellery excites you and you couldn’t stop yourself from buying them , then here’s an amazing chance for you to witness the statuesque masterpieces of jewelry by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur. The Glamorous group – Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur will be participating in Jewellers Association Show 2014 starting from today, Friday 22nd August to Monday 25th August 2014 at B.M. Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Jaipur.


Jewellers Association Show’14 is a dynamic trade show which makes Jaipur the focus of the world jewelry industry. Every year before the wedding and festival season begins; jewellery enthusiasts visit our store in Jaipur from various parts of India and abroad. Like every year, this year also as a conscious decision we have decided to be featured with the best in the industry in order to cater to the jewellery enthusiasts who visit Jaipur for Jewellers Association Show. In this promising Jewellery show Kalajee Jewellery will showcase a complete new range of exciting, colorful and aesthetically crafted jewellery in white gold, diamonds, Polki, colored gemstones and pearls.

Diamond Polki Collection

Side Events during the show…

Jewelry Design Competition

Seminars by GIA, India

Daily Raffle Draw, Mega Raffle Draw

So, if you are visiting Jewellers Association Show 2014, then don’t miss to have a look at the jewellery collection by Kalajee Jewellery at Diamond Hall Booth No. D13, 14, 15 at BM Birla Auditorium. The show timings would be 10.00 am to 06.00pm (10.00 to 12.00 noon Business Hours)

Kalajee Jewellery at Jewel Trends Exhibition-Mumbai

Looking for an authentic jeweler to buy jewelry for your princess who is soon too tie the wedding knot or for your son’s bride?? Then Jewel Trendz- the gem and jewelry exhibition in Mumbai is the place to visit for many reasons.

Mumbai Exhibition

At the 3 days jewelry exhibition Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur will cater to all the jewellery and accessory requirements of a bride, bridegroom & their relatives. Besides, our jewellery experts and specialists would help and assist you to choose the perfect designer and matching jewellery for the wedding day as well as the pre-wedding functions. We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off out new Diamond Polki collection of beautiful and attractive uncut Diamond Jewelry at amazing prices!!

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Yes dear friends and patrons, Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur is coming to Mumbai with our fresh collection of Diamond Polki jewellery at the “Jewel Trendz Exhibition”

The exhibition is starting from July 18 to 20, 2014 at Hotel Sahara Star near Domestic Airport- #Mumbai. The timings of the exhibition would be 10.00 am to 08.00 pm

Come and enjoy a whole new world of #diamond polkis by #Kalajee!

For more details you can contact us at 9829010412

Also visit:  Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:



What is Jadau Meenakari


Jadau is a technique used in precious jewelry making. This technique is often very wrongly interpreted and people think it is a form of jewelry. However, jadau is a technique used in making Kundan and Polki jewelry. So, while Kundan and Polki are stones, Jadau is a technique used to make Kundan/Polki jewelry.

Meenakari is a colorful style of enameling the jewelry that flourished during the Mughal era, and was hugely popular with Rajasthan royalty. It is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design. Over the centuries, Meenakari was combined with the traditional Rajasthani Kundan style of jewelry. The Kundan-Meena jewelry, hence, is the result of this incredible craftsmanship, and it takes twice as many adjectives to describe the incredible art.

kundan Meena Necklace


For the beautiful Kundan Meena Jewellery from Jaipur, please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Diamond Polki for the Royal Brides

Indian Brides

We all have grown up on the fantasizing stories of Princes Princesses, and dreamt of an extravagantly royal Indian wedding!

The very thought of Weddings immediately takes us girls into the world of shopping- designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, make up and what not? A fascinating kind of jewelry called Polki is sure to capture your imagination while thinking about the wedding jewelry! It’s rich, fabulous and classy just like you’ve imagined a bridal jewelry to be.

Diamond Polki earrings Diamond Polki Collection

Polki jewelry is traditional, royal, elite and a great reminder of India’s rich heritage. We all know that diamonds shine and sparkle best only after right cutting and polishing, but an uncut form called polka is an absolute stunner in its untouched form.

The art of diamond polki comes from the grandeur of Mughal era. These days, Polkis are both popular choices for brides who wish to look traditional and regal on their wedding day. Check out the new range of diamond polki jewelry by Kalajee Jewelry Jaipur, exclusively crafted for the brides of today!

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For the beautiful Polki Jewellery from Jaipur, please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Jewellery for the Brides of today

Indian Brides

Crafting right jewellery for a perfect wedding requires skill and perfection. The art demands intricate blending of the precious gems with the tempered metal to create glorious piece of art that matches the pulchritude of a bride. A bride’s beauty is unlike any other and the wedding day brings along with it a charm which is very extraordinary. To match her radiance her adornments and attire have to be outshining and that’s where brands like Kalajee Jewellery step in.


At Kalajee Jewellery, our craftsmen and designers have worked upon the theme so much that they now master the art. Having an elite clientele from various royal and business families, Kalajee Jewellery has been designing masterpieces for one of the most elegant and sophisticated brides of the country.

Every curve a bride’s heart desires for is here!!! Check out this delicately crafted nature inspired diamond and polki studded jewellery for the brides of today by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur, also find the matching accessories like Maang tika, nose ring with extension pearl strand, baju bandh, bracelets and rings  with this stunning diamond polki Necklaces.

Indian Brides 2 Indian Brides 1

To view our range of designer and traditional bridal jewellery, visit us at Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest: