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Get glamorous with Bold Statement Necklaces


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Diamond Polki Collection


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Kamarbandh- the Sensuous Indian Waistband


This image is for representation purpose only

This image is for representation purpose only

Indian jewellery collection is as vast as the deep blue sea. Right from the head to toe, Indian women is spoilt with choices in jewellery to adorn their entire body. We have often heard about maang tika, earrings, bangles and necklaces. But today we’ll introduce to you the jewellery that adorns waist.

Presenting you the Indian ethnic waistband which is traditionally called Kamarbandh in India! Sensuous and stylish, Kamarbandh is a fascinating adornment worn during weddings and festivals to add some extra glamour to the traditional look. It looks more stunning when a bride wears it with saree for her nuptials.



Depending on the style one wants to carry, the kamarbandh can vary from a sleek chain of gold or silver to a heavy gem-encrusted belt. This jewel piece is usually designed on the special demands by the enthusiastic jewellery connoisseurs. The best way to buy a kamarbandh that best matches with your entire look, try and take along the necklace for perfection.


If you are soon to tie the knot or planning to attend a family wedding, bring some extra oomph to your traditional attire with an Indian Kamarbandh!

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Get stylish with Kalajee Jewellery

Jewellery  by Kalajee

The Wedding season is already going on and you are tired of repeating your same old jewellery from your traditional collection. Time now revamp your jewels wardrobe, quite like the way you do with your apparels with the changing fashion. Here are some unique and stylish masterpieces by Kalajee that will surely make you stand out of the party crowd and add a touch of trending sparkle and glamour!

Cocktail Ring    

Engagement Ring

For the aristocratic DIVA in you!! These rings will make you feel like the world is wrapped around your fingers.  Ditch all your small rings for a day and wear a statement cocktail ring contrasting your other accessories, all the eyes will be there on your finger, we bet 😉

 A Royal Choker

Kalajee-1 copy

A dramatic choker from Kalajee’s diamond polka collection oozes out class which would sticks to your neck as a fabulous fashion statement.

A Gold Bracelet


Bold, beauteous and flattering! This bracelet from our gold jewellery collection is depicting the beauty of gold in an unconventional and contemporary style, It will add a perfect glamour to any outfit that you decide to wear especially the colors cream, beige and black.

 Floral Diamond Earrings


Diamond is the gemstone of class and sophistication! Be it day time or night, don these earrings on any occasion, they are sure to turn a few heads when you step out wearing them

 Classic Cuff links

Cufflinks by Kalajee

This one’s for the men of the evening! Outlining the glamour of gentleman in you, these stylish cufflinks will add the class and sophistication in your suit and overall appearance.

You can visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:  for the best suited jewellery that goes well with your style and personality!!


Kalajee’s favorites for you

Can you believe it? Your Wedding is fixed and the dates for D Day is decided!! It’s just few months, very few weekends to go and you have a lot of preparations, we mean, SHOPPING to do, right?

Well, it’s never too early to start shopping for wedding and today, we have few of our favorites that we would love to share.  Hopefully this will help jump start your wedding shopping. We believe, and hope you’ll all agree that less stress is best.  Allow us to assist you in your shopping earlier…

Kundan Meena Enamel Bangles by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur


We love how versatile and fun these dainty and eternal kundan meena bangles are. They make the PERFECT match for your designer lehenga and saree!

Diamond Polki Necklace by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur

Diamond Polki Necklace
We love the shapes of the diamonds going throughout this designer necklace, it’s gorgeous and rightfully so we’ve designed it especially for the new brides.

Statement Ring by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur

Engagement Ring
It’s a glamorous ring and it reminds us of powerful woman. We would recommend it for your post wedding ensemble; it’s something we know you would love to flaunt ALL the time.

Diamond Polki Earrings by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur

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A beautiful blend of diamond polkis and pearl strands, blossoms in the danglers of this gorgeous pair of earrings, They are unique and their craftsmanship is amazing.

For more such amazing designs, visit Kalajee Jewellery, K Tower 41, Mahaveer Marg, C-Schem, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 Ph: 0141 5102222 ext. 5113434, Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest



Kalajee – A name you can trust for bridal jewellery

kundan Meena Necklace

Even a single Jewel piece witnesses cherished moments of joy, happiness and nostalgia. It is timeless and transcendental. A prominent part of the soul of any Big Fat Indian wedding lies in its share of bridal jewellery. The contemporary bridal jewellery pays tribute to new-age womanhood and seamlessly integrates traditional charm.


Kalajee Jewellery for that reason steps forth with a fascinating and spell binding collection of bridal and wedding jewellery in Jaipur. Let’s talk more about the authentic jewellery brand that portrays a beautiful and extraordinary picture of jewellery fashion in India and beyond…

Indian Brides

Widely renowned for its enchanting designs, immaculate finish and stylish sense of adventure; this jewellery house focuses on coloured gemstones and diamond-studded jewellery. They are also dedicated to redefine the trend of kundan-meena and beaded jewellery. Located in the grand K Towers, it upholds the combination of multistoried office, showroom, manufacturing unit and a museum that flaunts an impressive collection of rare and enthralling jewellery. On being asked about that very speciality of Jaipur jewellery that magnetise buyers from various regions; Mr. Naman Kala of Kalajee Empire politely replies, “Since Jaipur is the source of precious stones and craftsmanship, there are many players in this trade. The quest of jewellers urges to innovate and be cost-effective. That is the reason we always maintain global standards and quality — right from inventing designs to manufacturing and final processing.” Kalajee procures stones from some of the best mines in the world and ensures to attain optimum customer satisfaction.

Diamond Polki Collection

For more such designs, visit Kalajee Jewellery, K Tower 41, Mahaveer Marg, C-Schem, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 Ph: 0141 5102222 ext. 5113434, Facebook:  Twitter: Pinterest:

Wedding Season’s special: Diamond Earrings

The season of shopping, parties and social gatherings is here! The season of Weddings is here!

That season of the year when shopping of clothes and jewellery is at its peak.  Every woman wants to look her best, now whether it is her own wedding or her relative’s. She doesn’t even mind on splurging some extra bucks on buying something she likes, during this season.

For the women with the search for something extra special to adorn herself, to bring that special charm to her attire, Kalajee jewellery jaipur has designed an exquisite pair of dangler earrings. With a beautiful blend of pearls and uncut diamonds these earrings are royal, glamorous, scintillating and sure to embellish any ensemble .

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Elegant and enigmatic! This fascinating pair of dangling earrings by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur is just perfect to steal all the attention in coming wedding season!

Visit the Kalajee Jewellery Store and check out these intricate earrings and other stunning jewellery .

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Jewellery to keep your memories alive

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique and special. It gives you reason to smile and keeps your memories alive.

bracelet (2)

We all love to wear jewellery according to our taste an style. Some prefer to don heavy sets of necklaces while others love to adorn themselves with dangling earrings. There are those who prefer to keep it light and simple, and Kalajee jewellery has it all to satiate every individual with their different choices in jewellery.

Sometimes we buy jewellery not only for ourselves but make an investment to pass the jewellery as a heirloom to our coming generations. For that we seek quality and durability of the jewellery. The designers at Kalajee Jewellery make sure to come up with designs that delight the wearers of all age group and people with varied tastes.

For instance, have a look at this beautifully adorned necklace set done with the stunning pieces of uncut diamonds.  This necklace is one of the best designs from the uncut diamond jewellery range by Kalajee Jewellery. It is not just a designer jewel but also blazes a magical blend of sparkle and colors.  Don’t miss to check out the designer earrings to compliment your entire look that is sure to turn heads where ever you go…

Diamond Polki Collection

Earrings by Kalajee Jewellery

Visit the Kalajee Jewellery Store and check out this intricate necklace and other stunning jewellery .

Address:  Kalajee Jewellery Store –  K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Kalajee showcases Jewellery at the Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair

jewellery exhibition in Delhi

Are you soon planning to buy jewelry for your princess who is tying the wedding knot or for your son’s bride?? Then Delhi Jewellery and Gems Fair in the capital “Delhi” is the place to visit for so many reasons.

At the 3 days jewelry exhibition Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur will cater to all the jewellery and accessory requirements of a bride, bridegroom & their relatives. Besides, our jewellery experts and specialists would help and assist you to choose the perfect designer and matching jewellery for the wedding day as well as the pre-wedding functions. We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off out new Diamond Polki collection of beautiful and attractive uncut Diamond Jewelry at amazing prices!!

Earrings Earrings Diamond Polki Collection

The exhibition is starting from today i.e. Saturday, September 06, 2014 till Monday, September 08, 2014 at Pragati maidan Delhi. The timings of the exhibition would be 10.00 am to 08.00 pm

Come and enjoy a whole new world of #diamond polkis by #Kalajee at booth no. R 11 Hall 12 A at the Pragati Maidan Delhi India!

For more details you can contact us at 9829010412

Also visit:  Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Fashion Show by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the JAS’14

Diamond Polki Collection

The 8th Jewellers Association Show 2014 was a dazzling four days’ business to business and business to customer exhibition cum show at the BM Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. Presenting the creations of hundreds prominent Jewellers of India, the show was a magnificent display of jewellery from across the various regions.

Among all the prominent jewellers, Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur showcased their designer uncut diamond jewellery collection at the fashion show on concluding day of Jewellers Association Show (JAS’14). Gems and precious metals gleamed under the arc lights as the models glided down wearing stunning diamond, polki and precious gemstone sets by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

At the show, we presented uncut diamond jewellery with colored gemstones; each piece was a work of creative craftsmanship and design.

When it came to diamonds, it was the multi prong set, the twinkling mesh with a strand of emerald for necklace, bracelet and the jhumkas & peacock inspired dangler earrings that made an impact on the audience.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

For the lovers of craft and design, the jewellery presented by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the Jewellers Association Show will surely be much sought after for all occasions and will surely turn into family heirlooms in the years to come.

For more beautiful Jewellery from Jaipur, please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Kalajee Jewellery Participates in JAS’14

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If glitz and glamour of any kind of jewellery excites you and you couldn’t stop yourself from buying them , then here’s an amazing chance for you to witness the statuesque masterpieces of jewelry by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur. The Glamorous group – Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur will be participating in Jewellers Association Show 2014 starting from today, Friday 22nd August to Monday 25th August 2014 at B.M. Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Jaipur.


Jewellers Association Show’14 is a dynamic trade show which makes Jaipur the focus of the world jewelry industry. Every year before the wedding and festival season begins; jewellery enthusiasts visit our store in Jaipur from various parts of India and abroad. Like every year, this year also as a conscious decision we have decided to be featured with the best in the industry in order to cater to the jewellery enthusiasts who visit Jaipur for Jewellers Association Show. In this promising Jewellery show Kalajee Jewellery will showcase a complete new range of exciting, colorful and aesthetically crafted jewellery in white gold, diamonds, Polki, colored gemstones and pearls.

Diamond Polki Collection

Side Events during the show…

Jewelry Design Competition

Seminars by GIA, India

Daily Raffle Draw, Mega Raffle Draw

So, if you are visiting Jewellers Association Show 2014, then don’t miss to have a look at the jewellery collection by Kalajee Jewellery at Diamond Hall Booth No. D13, 14, 15 at BM Birla Auditorium. The show timings would be 10.00 am to 06.00pm (10.00 to 12.00 noon Business Hours)