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Kamarbandh- the Sensuous Indian Waistband


This image is for representation purpose only

This image is for representation purpose only

Indian jewellery collection is as vast as the deep blue sea. Right from the head to toe, Indian women is spoilt with choices in jewellery to adorn their entire body. We have often heard about maang tika, earrings, bangles and necklaces. But today we’ll introduce to you the jewellery that adorns waist.

Presenting you the Indian ethnic waistband which is traditionally called Kamarbandh in India! Sensuous and stylish, Kamarbandh is a fascinating adornment worn during weddings and festivals to add some extra glamour to the traditional look. It looks more stunning when a bride wears it with saree for her nuptials.



Depending on the style one wants to carry, the kamarbandh can vary from a sleek chain of gold or silver to a heavy gem-encrusted belt. This jewel piece is usually designed on the special demands by the enthusiastic jewellery connoisseurs. The best way to buy a kamarbandh that best matches with your entire look, try and take along the necklace for perfection.


If you are soon to tie the knot or planning to attend a family wedding, bring some extra oomph to your traditional attire with an Indian Kamarbandh!

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The different meanings of gemstones

Knowing the meaning of different gemstones can be beneficial, especially if you are a believer in the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of wearing gemstones.


Alexandrite Luck, good fortune, stimulates pleasure
Amber Known as the soul of the tiger, courage, temperament becomes sunny and carefree, healing joint problems
Aquamarine Courage, serenity, meditation stone, protects mariners, helps calming of nerves
Coral Symbol of life and blood force, protects from misfortune, heals illnesses, meditation stone
Diamond Symbol of innocence and stability, promotes the energy of other gemstones
Emerald Symbol of hope, meditation stone, has healing powers, has fighting powers against evil, stone of prophecy
Garnet Symbol of love and compassion, increases success in business, aids in dispelling nightmares, improves self-esteem, increases sex drive
Hematite Improves relationships, increases intuition powers, stimulates blood flow
Jade Symbol of love, increases fortune, strengthens brain power and reasoning abilities, provides protection against accidents and misfortunes
Moon Stone Symbol of love, improves fortune, increases intuitiveness, increases love between partners
Opal Stone of cupid, improves communication, helps in becoming truthful and honest
Pearl Calms temper, increases chances of success, increases wisdom and helps in focusing
Peridot Known as the gift from the Sun, frees one of negative thoughts and fights feelings of jealousy, should be worn by people who are spiritual
Quartz Healing stone, helps in concentrating while meditation, calms the mind, increases hope, dispels fear
Ruby Symbol of friendship and love, improves concentration, increases feeling of contentment, increases passion and vitality, aids circulation
Sapphire Known as stone of destiny, symbol of heaven and devotion to spiritual Gods
Sodalite Stone of athletics, increase endurance and stamina, brings inner peace, increases feeling of harmony
Topaz Brings emotional stability, encourages self-confidence, dispels nightmares, improves ability to love, protection against evil eye
Tourmaline Balances emotions, brings success in business, increases ability to love, gives protection, brings happiness to relationships
Turquoise Stone of friendship, symbol of wealth, improves balance with spirituality
Zircon Helps improve communication, improves ability to understand images, protection while traveling

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Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the JJS 2014

Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur spreads its magic at Jaipur Jewellery Show- 2014!!

jjs14 6

Find us displaying a beautiful range of exquisite diamond jewellery at the 12th Annual “Jaipur Jewellery Show” till December 23, 2014 at JECC Exhibition Ground EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre- Jaipur!!

jjs14 3 jjs14 jjs14 2 jjs14 1


Enjoy the glittering world of gems and jewellery with Kalajee Jewellery, show casing at the ongoing “Jaipur Jewellery Show 2015”

Note: A free shuttle service from the SMS Investment Ground to EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre is also being arranged for the visitors.

For more details you can visit us at Kalajee Jewellery, K Tower 41, Mahaveer Marg, C-Schem, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 Ph: 0141 5102222 ext. 5113434, Facebook:  Twitter:

Jaipur Jewellery Show 2015

jjs14 6

One of the most exotic months of the year- December enjoys a favorite place in everyone’s heart and this exotic period brings to us the 12th edition of Jaipur Jewellery Show, endearingly called “The December Show”. A significant event in the gems and jewelery show calendar, the December Show is aptly christened for the dates from 20 to 23 December 2014 and will remain slotted in the same month year after year.nov 1 ad

Where jewellery buyers and sellers meet, new brides-to-be come to select the jewellery for their wedding ceremonies, where some parents choose gifts for their daughters and daughters-in law and many social butterflies come to check out the trending fashion and jewellery trends. This glamorous jewellery show in all matters cheers the jewellery lovers, visitors and buyers.

The Jaipur Jewellery Show is the India’s biggest jewelry show. Not that’s all; it is also fast emerging as one of the Asia’s largest jewelry trade shows. Visitors can get the entry on reservation counter at the venue only.


The 12th Jaipur Jewellery Show with “Ruby- Red, Rare, Royal” being this year’s theme gemstone, will take place at the JECC Exhibition Ground EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre, Jaipur from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm


Here is the time of the year once again when the fabulous metropolis of Jaipur will be immersed into the drizzle of glitz and glamour!! Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur is also going to spread its magic at Jaipur Jewellery Show- 2014!! Find us displaying a beautiful range of exquisite diamond jewellery from bangles, bracelets, earrings to tiara, necklaces and anklets etc.

Note: Note: A free shuttle service from the SMS Investment Ground to EPIP Sitapura Convention Centre is also being arranged for the visitors.

See you all there!!

Kalajee – A name you can trust for bridal jewellery

kundan Meena Necklace

Even a single Jewel piece witnesses cherished moments of joy, happiness and nostalgia. It is timeless and transcendental. A prominent part of the soul of any Big Fat Indian wedding lies in its share of bridal jewellery. The contemporary bridal jewellery pays tribute to new-age womanhood and seamlessly integrates traditional charm.


Kalajee Jewellery for that reason steps forth with a fascinating and spell binding collection of bridal and wedding jewellery in Jaipur. Let’s talk more about the authentic jewellery brand that portrays a beautiful and extraordinary picture of jewellery fashion in India and beyond…

Indian Brides

Widely renowned for its enchanting designs, immaculate finish and stylish sense of adventure; this jewellery house focuses on coloured gemstones and diamond-studded jewellery. They are also dedicated to redefine the trend of kundan-meena and beaded jewellery. Located in the grand K Towers, it upholds the combination of multistoried office, showroom, manufacturing unit and a museum that flaunts an impressive collection of rare and enthralling jewellery. On being asked about that very speciality of Jaipur jewellery that magnetise buyers from various regions; Mr. Naman Kala of Kalajee Empire politely replies, “Since Jaipur is the source of precious stones and craftsmanship, there are many players in this trade. The quest of jewellers urges to innovate and be cost-effective. That is the reason we always maintain global standards and quality — right from inventing designs to manufacturing and final processing.” Kalajee procures stones from some of the best mines in the world and ensures to attain optimum customer satisfaction.

Diamond Polki Collection

For more such designs, visit Kalajee Jewellery, K Tower 41, Mahaveer Marg, C-Schem, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 Ph: 0141 5102222 ext. 5113434, Facebook:  Twitter: Pinterest:

Wedding Season’s special: Diamond Earrings

The season of shopping, parties and social gatherings is here! The season of Weddings is here!

That season of the year when shopping of clothes and jewellery is at its peak.  Every woman wants to look her best, now whether it is her own wedding or her relative’s. She doesn’t even mind on splurging some extra bucks on buying something she likes, during this season.

For the women with the search for something extra special to adorn herself, to bring that special charm to her attire, Kalajee jewellery jaipur has designed an exquisite pair of dangler earrings. With a beautiful blend of pearls and uncut diamonds these earrings are royal, glamorous, scintillating and sure to embellish any ensemble .

nov 1 ad

Elegant and enigmatic! This fascinating pair of dangling earrings by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur is just perfect to steal all the attention in coming wedding season!

Visit the Kalajee Jewellery Store and check out these intricate earrings and other stunning jewellery .

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Kalajee brings Karwachauth Jewellery for women

karwa Chauth Jewellery

Today is Karwachauth, the auspicious day when women in India observe fast and pray for the long life and good health of their husbands. Since they observe such difficult fast for their husbands, it is husbands’ concern too to pamper their wives on this special occasion. And what other than jewellery as a karwachauth gift could win a woman’s heart?

For that Kalajee Jewellery has introduced some beautiful range of jewellery to allure all the women on Karwa Chauth. Indulgent husbands will have more options to express their love with new uncut diamond jewellery.

Karwa Chauth Jewellery

Dear ladies! Now you can make your heart’s desire come true on this special occasion with exquisite jewellery designed by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur and flaunt your jewellery in style. Go nag and tag your husbands in this post and get your wish come true 🙂 Check the fabulous range of designer jewellery at this link

Kalajee jewellery for Karwa Chauth consists of designs that have a timeless allure where tradition and modernity beautifully combine to appeal to a woman’s desire. The designs also symbolize and celebrate the promise of eternal togetherness. Choose the perfect jewel for yourself today…..

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