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Get stylish with Kalajee Jewellery

Jewellery  by Kalajee

The Wedding season is already going on and you are tired of repeating your same old jewellery from your traditional collection. Time now revamp your jewels wardrobe, quite like the way you do with your apparels with the changing fashion. Here are some unique and stylish masterpieces by Kalajee that will surely make you stand out of the party crowd and add a touch of trending sparkle and glamour!

Cocktail Ring    

Engagement Ring

For the aristocratic DIVA in you!! These rings will make you feel like the world is wrapped around your fingers.  Ditch all your small rings for a day and wear a statement cocktail ring contrasting your other accessories, all the eyes will be there on your finger, we bet 😉

 A Royal Choker

Kalajee-1 copy

A dramatic choker from Kalajee’s diamond polka collection oozes out class which would sticks to your neck as a fabulous fashion statement.

A Gold Bracelet


Bold, beauteous and flattering! This bracelet from our gold jewellery collection is depicting the beauty of gold in an unconventional and contemporary style, It will add a perfect glamour to any outfit that you decide to wear especially the colors cream, beige and black.

 Floral Diamond Earrings


Diamond is the gemstone of class and sophistication! Be it day time or night, don these earrings on any occasion, they are sure to turn a few heads when you step out wearing them

 Classic Cuff links

Cufflinks by Kalajee

This one’s for the men of the evening! Outlining the glamour of gentleman in you, these stylish cufflinks will add the class and sophistication in your suit and overall appearance.

You can visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:  for the best suited jewellery that goes well with your style and personality!!


Kalajee brings Karwachauth Jewellery for women

karwa Chauth Jewellery

Today is Karwachauth, the auspicious day when women in India observe fast and pray for the long life and good health of their husbands. Since they observe such difficult fast for their husbands, it is husbands’ concern too to pamper their wives on this special occasion. And what other than jewellery as a karwachauth gift could win a woman’s heart?

For that Kalajee Jewellery has introduced some beautiful range of jewellery to allure all the women on Karwa Chauth. Indulgent husbands will have more options to express their love with new uncut diamond jewellery.

Karwa Chauth Jewellery

Dear ladies! Now you can make your heart’s desire come true on this special occasion with exquisite jewellery designed by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur and flaunt your jewellery in style. Go nag and tag your husbands in this post and get your wish come true 🙂 Check the fabulous range of designer jewellery at this link

Kalajee jewellery for Karwa Chauth consists of designs that have a timeless allure where tradition and modernity beautifully combine to appeal to a woman’s desire. The designs also symbolize and celebrate the promise of eternal togetherness. Choose the perfect jewel for yourself today…..

You can visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Fashion Show by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the JAS’14

Diamond Polki Collection

The 8th Jewellers Association Show 2014 was a dazzling four days’ business to business and business to customer exhibition cum show at the BM Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. Presenting the creations of hundreds prominent Jewellers of India, the show was a magnificent display of jewellery from across the various regions.

Among all the prominent jewellers, Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur showcased their designer uncut diamond jewellery collection at the fashion show on concluding day of Jewellers Association Show (JAS’14). Gems and precious metals gleamed under the arc lights as the models glided down wearing stunning diamond, polki and precious gemstone sets by Kalajee Jewellery, Jaipur.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

At the show, we presented uncut diamond jewellery with colored gemstones; each piece was a work of creative craftsmanship and design.

When it came to diamonds, it was the multi prong set, the twinkling mesh with a strand of emerald for necklace, bracelet and the jhumkas & peacock inspired dangler earrings that made an impact on the audience.

Jewellery Show by Kalajee Jewellery Show by Kalajee

For the lovers of craft and design, the jewellery presented by Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at the Jewellers Association Show will surely be much sought after for all occasions and will surely turn into family heirlooms in the years to come.

For more beautiful Jewellery from Jaipur, please visit Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

Earrings in White Metal

The current trends say that white metal, whether it is white gold or platinum, is gaining special attention and liking from the girls and new age women. And this inclination is not becoming a rage for nothing. The magnetic radiance and velvet touch shine is making the white metal, especially white gold and platinum, rich in glamor, thus fascinating the fashion connoisseur in every woman.


Tastefully studded in velvety white metal, adorned with natural diamonds beautifully edging the stunning rubies, these earrings are truly reflecting uber style and sleek sophistication. Their stunning design will not only dazzle you, but their lustrous shine will also make you dance with their moves. Turn heads with these chic earrings, made magical with the illusive blaze of glorious rubies.

Transform the magical imagination into reality and buy these stunning earrings designed by skilled and experienced artisans of Kalajee jewellery. To view our range of designer and traditional diamond jewellery, visit us at Kalajee Jewellery Jaipur at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434 Website: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:


A tender promise of love

February, the month of love, romance and togetherness begins from the day after tomorrow. The romantic wave of love, proposals, roses, hugs and gifts will fill the ambiances every where, why not you also express your love with a gift that she’ll cherish forever.

What better than a jewellery can win her heart and if it is jewellery by Kalajee, then nothing can stop her from loving you more.

Here’s a perfect gift of love for your beloved. This tender pair of cosmic loop style dangling earrings is a stylish and chic design with dramatically placed coloured diamonds and polkis in the shape of dancing peacock. The dainty and single diamond polki in the centre sparkles with elegance in these cosmic earrings, and beautifully reflects your promise of eternal togetherness.

Diamond earrings

We bet she couldn’t resist them in the jewellery box and wear them instantly to show off. Get them now from the kalajee Jewellery Jaipur and surprise your lady love with this beautiful pair of diamond polki earrings set in 18 karat gold.

Eternal beauty of Diamond Polki Jewellery

Kalajee , a brand committed to the cause of opulence and grandeur, has years old tradition of supplying the finest gold, diamond and jadau jewellery. Kalajee ’s  diamond polki collection epitomizes the brand in an opulent fashion. Each piece is a unique expression, designed intricately and executed with human precision.

The jewellery at Kalajee is made from the highest quality of gems, stones, diamonds, pearls and gold, and put together artistically to create a distinctive style.

Have a look at the mesmerizing range of diamond polki Jewellery beautifully presented by Kalajee …

Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery


Diamond polki Jewellery for the Weddings

A very happy New Year and best wishes to one and all from Kalajee Jewellery- Jaipur.

The Wedding season is here and so is the fabulous wedding jewellery in market. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the latest of the latest trends in Jewellery and accessories by Kalajee Jewellery in Jaipur.

Our new range of Polki diamond jewellery is winning hearts and was one of the favorites during the Jaipur Jewellery Show 2013. One diamond polki necklace from the same collection also won the Indian Jewellers’ Choice award at the Show. Different Styles in Indian Polki Jewellery is available in enchanting floral and geometric designs at the store.

You would find a combination of emerald, rubies and the glassy colored uncut diamonds known as polki in our collection. The choker normally has uncut diamonds studded in a specific circular or square shape. The other stones which are utilized to showcase the diamond polki are also suspended from the base of the chocker to softly glide vertically on the neck. Both sides of the necklace have gold chains or woven strings attached to them. These are adjustable therefore you can actually decide what length to wear the necklace at.

jjs2 jjs5
Earrings in the designs of hoops and danglers complement the neckpiece and you can even get sets which have bracelets using the same gemstone. The beauty of our polki jewellery collection is that you can collect different pieces and mix and match them to wear them together. Because the gemstone is similar in its hue and the cut is unique to each piece, the pieces can be incorporated to complement each other.

So, what is delaying your shopping? Experience the beauty of Diamonds best in their uncut form!!

See, touch and feel our fabulous range of diamond polki jewellery at the Kalajee Jewellery Store at K Tower, 41 Mahaveer Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. Ph. : 0141 510 2222 ext. 5113434

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